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I love recolors on new consoles. Why? Because maybe I need some colors in my dark basement. Or so I can have something pretty on my shelf. Maybe show off my inner pride for flamboyant colors such as purple or orange. Shit son, orange is an amazing color, don’t judge.  Either way all these black and white consoles sure have been getting stale with their color choices. 

Hopefully we’ll get more colorful choices in consoles again in the future. 

Grabbed  Stole this image from a guy posting on a particular board of images. The guy mocked up some nice looking nostalgic N64 throwback color 3DS LLs. They’re great looking, I personally like Ice Tea the most. 

He’s gonna spam up nintendo with inspiration emails with the image attached. Hopefully getting Nintendo of America some nice colors, but we’ll prolly just get regular boring colors with decals on them. Like we normally do. 

At least the Animal Crossing 3ds xl looks tasty!




Some nerds were so mad about that “sexism in video games” Kickstarter that they made a competing series to prove that somehow an industry almost entirely staffed by men that makes products intended for men is actually discriminatory against men. This is what happens when women try to voice their opinion on how society treats them: hordes of men feel unreasonably threatened and scramble around like idiots trying to bring the discourse back to a place where men are in complete control, either through harrassment and threats of violence or by making some garbage like this. If you hear anyone trying to pull this embarrassing bullshit, do your duty as a decent human being and rub some dog turds on their face and neck and maybe pee on them too

“Why does mainstream media think gamers are misogynistic, entitled teenage male shitlords????” BOY IT SURE IS A MYSTERY


Although it’s underlying intent is to backlash at tropes vs. woman, but only for the reasons being it gathered too much money for the project, the creator obviously has enough funds for her own project, sexism really isn’t an issue. The last point I made was just an opinion honestly. 

If people are willing to put an extra $120,000 into a video project studying sexism in video games or donate towards something that they deem important, then that means it must be a problem. 

 This indiegogo/kickstarter is doing this for free. The money is being donated to women and men charities. It’ll do the same as tropes vs. women, but with men. Though honestly, it should do both to be fair. 

i highly suggest watching Cyberbully


you will not regret it.

you learn a lot.

I laughed a lot

Via We Live to die.

Woke up this morning thinking how cute my girlfriend is for asking if I want to skip. Then watching as I skip and laughs at me for it.

lol it looks like to me like a cat calling card. 

Call me for all your cat related needs. Rolling around, looking cute, jumping on your furniture, looking around. 1-800-CAT-TIME. 

It’s as if they’re waiting for their meals to fly into their mouths. 

Or just relaxing. 

Cats on a tree. 

With scrunchies as collars. 

What more is there to say? Except they’re cute of course! All up in a tree! With scrunchies as collars!

It’s some creepy as fuck cat bags. 

Oh! A cat as well hidden among the faces. Silly you~! You’re not a bag!

I don’t know if I’d exactly eat it. But it sure looks… creepy creative. 

There’s a point where I’m not sure if I want to eat it anymore. Since it might just glare at me when I stick my chopstick in it. Boy that’d be a sight! Ha ha! Get it?! Si… oh I’ll stop. 

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